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Delhi to Shimla Train

Delhi to Shimla by train is the most sought after train journey in the North India. As no direct train between Delhi to Shimla, one has to change trains at Kalka for Shimla. The broad gauge rail track from Delhi ends at Kalka railway station. And from Kalka to Shimla it is a narrow gauge track.

Trains from New Delhi leave from Sarai Rohala Railway Station, New Delhi and Old Delhi railway stations. Himalayan Queen (Train no. 14095) starts from Sarai Rohala station at 05.45 am and reaches Kalka at 11.10 am. Shatabdi Express (Train no. 12011) leaves from New Delhi station at 07.40 am and reaches Kalka at 11.45 am.

Howrah Kalka Mail is an overnight train leaving from Delhi station (popularly known as Old Delhi station) at 09.25 pm and reaches Kalka the next morning at 04.30 am. This train connects the Rail Motor Car and Shiwalik Deluxe Express train to Shimla.

The best Kalka Shimla train is the Shiwalik Deluxe Express (Train no. 52451) departing Kalka at 05.30 am. Kalka-Shimla track is included in the UNESCO world heritage rail sites.

  Trains from New Delhi to Kalka  

Following is a chart of trains on Kalka-Shimla route. FC, CC, 2S means First Class, Chair Car and Second class. Chair cars and First Class have comfortable sitting options. There are no AC coaches on these trains. As you travel into the hills AC is not required as nature provides the best air conditioning!

Trains between Kalka to Shimla

72451 RAIL MOTOR FC 05.10 am 09.50 am 275 All days
52457 KLK SML PASS. FC 04.00 am 09.20 am 210 All days
52451 SHIWALIK DLX CC 05.30 am 10.15 am 330 All days
52453 KALKA SML EXP FC 06.00 am 11.10 am 250 All days
52453 KALKA SML EXP 2S 06.00 am 11.10 am 65 All days
52455 HIMALAYAN QUEEN CC 12.10 pm 5.20 pm 225 All days